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Prismacolor Pencil

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Item # 20508-1209
Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set (from $8.98)

Our most popular colored pencils, Prismacolor pencils have thick, soft leads made from brilliant, light-resistant pigments. The colors are easily to blend, slow to wear, and waterproof. Each round wooden pencil is lacquered to match the core. Prismacolor sets are packaged in collectible tins. Dick Blick carries open stock, allowing you to replenish your Prismacolor colored pencils individually. Set of 96 in Tran Studio Case Wherever inspiration strikes, this portable Prismacolor 96-color pre-sharpened pencil set issues every hue imaginable suitable for wet or dry techniques. Pencils fits snugly into the included black nylon Tran Studio Pencil Case with a Velcro closure and 4 removable sections that provide convenient, tabletop dispensing. Easily tossed into a backpack or portfolio.

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