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Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter ($51.06)

This new edition introduces the basic tenets of music theory and partwriting skills. A new design features visually striking pedagogical aids, allowing students to progress through ever-more challenging exercises at their own pace or to dip into the text at any point to brush up on specific skills. The authors have retained the self-instructional format of the previous two editions, with tests at the end of each part, while adding new quizzes at the end of each set and a cumulative test for Parts One through Six. Numerous examples from the music literature-a new feature of this edition-reinforce the theoretical concepts covered in each set; an appended study anthology of ten complete pieces allows students to see how individual concepts are woven into the fabric of a composition. The companion CD, keyed to specific frames in each set, provides immediate aural reinforcement.

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